Street & Park Furniture + Play Equipment Supplier in Tasmania


With a reputation for the surreal and sublime when it comes to creative built environments, we are makers of bespoke play equipment and street & park furniture. 

Ranging from heavy duty table settings to inspired play elements for play spaces, our products are suitable for schools, local councils and residential settings throughout Tasmania.

We also welcome your ideas for a unique commission or custom project.

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We are calling these round structures forts, but kids will use their imagination and turn them into stages, ships, castles, fairy houses or whatever they need for the made-up worlds they create. This is a fully flexible design and there are endless possibilities of these exciting pieces of play equipment.
Our Mud Pie Kitchens are simple and strong. They come complete with ovens on both sides, a sink, and a cupboard underneath. The frames are made from steel, the bench top and oven from heavy duty polyethylene and they are clad in locally sourced tea tree.
Our slatted timber table is tough. Made from a fully welded steel frame and 35mm thick spotted gum slats, it is designed to last. Ideal for schools, parks or residential settings or anywhere that will get loads of wear and tear.