Play Fort

We are calling these round structures forts, but kids will use their imagination and turn them into stages, ships, castles, fairy houses or whatever they need for the made-up worlds they create. This is a fully flexible design and there are endless possibilities of these exciting pieces of play equipment.
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We are working on new designs and configurations all the time, but they will basically consist of 1900mm diameter platforms that can be 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm high or even higher. Each structure will have 3 openings that can have slides, steps, ramps, climbing nets, balance logs or anything else we can come up with coming off them. Ideally, they are grouped together in clusters and joined together with logs, bridges or paths.

We can add mud pie kitchens and even fun extras such as pulleys, telescopes, sound play, steering wheels or pretty much anything else kids might like to use.

All forts over 600mm high will need soft fall zones around them and we can help with the planning and installation of this. The 600mm forts don’t require soft fall and can be placed on existing hard surfaces or even inside classrooms.

They are constructed from powder coated steel frames and clad in spotted gum timber. The timber can be burnt in a process known as shou sugi ban. This ancient Japanese practice protects and preserves the timber eliminating the need for a lot of maintenance and potentially harmful preservatives so often used on play equipment.

We have even been carving dots and lines into the timber to represent natural patterns found on trees. These add a tactile element which is so important in children’s play.

Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss the endless possibilities of these exciting pieces of play equipment.