Mud Pie Kitchen

Our Mud Pie Kitchens are simple and strong. They come complete with ovens on both sides, a sink, and a cupboard underneath. The frames are made from steel, the bench top and oven from heavy duty polyethylene and they are clad in locally sourced tea tree.
$5,600 +GST

Does not include plumbing or installation.

Our Mud Pie kitchens quickly become one of the most popular elements in playgrounds.  Give kids an oven, a sink and some utensils and just let their imaginations go wild.

Soon they’ll rummage up their own ingredients. If they can find some sand, dirt, rocks, leaves, or flowers, they will be whip up a culinary masterpiece for hours!

They are heavy enough to sit on the ground, suitable for both inside and outside, and they can be fixed to any base. They are designed so that they can be used without water, or they can be plumbed into a drain for water play.

They can be made with a self-limiting tap for extra juicy mud pies! And they can even be made to fit onto our Circular Forts.

Our bespoke playground equipment is available in Tasmania and perfect for creative play and nature based play for schools, playgrounds, events or private purchase.