Dodges Ferry House

We’ve built nearly everything here from the ground up including the stonework, windows, fittings, joinery, and garden. It is where we go to relax and experiment with new ideas.

In The Hanging Garden

This exciting and ever-changing inner-city oasis is an experimental collaboration between MONA’s DarkLab and property developer, Riverlee. It’s a bit of an unknown where this development will head. In the meantime, the music pumps and the plants are taking over!

Tasmanian Native Garden


After a massive storm blew over a large conifer, this part of The Royal Tasmanian Botanical was ready for renewal. And while constructing a natural-looking space, we came across a group of long-forgotten stone arch pieces; originally from the old AMP Building in Hobart. Repurposed as seating, they feature as an intriguing seating element and design feature.

Water Play, Illawarra Primary


Most modern play equipment can look fun and exciting to the eye, however, we’ve found that the actual engagement and playtime is quite limited. With every play space that we design and build, we aim to create a place where kids can spend hours lost in their own imaginative worlds.